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Developing unique value propositions
for Fresh Produce

Fresh Insight can support you in following development activities:

  1. we develop brand strategies and designs based on the 12 archetypes of Carl Jung
  2. we develop pack designs that are really cool and do plastic free options where possible
  3. we do focus groups around concept development together with creative consumers, designers, chefs, bloggers and vinologists
  4. we do sensory profiling with our trained (>15 years of experience) expert panel and go further than other companies do: we develop taste profiles like you would have in wines
  5. we bring it all together and create a meaningful and unique value proposition for your product including: product & taste positioning, storytelling, brand/pack design and communication

15% discount on our services
until 17th of May 2019

If you request a QUOTA for sensory work, a value proposition consumer session, brand/pack strategy/designs or other activities (excluding keynotes) between the 17th of April until the 17th of May 2019 with fieldwork taking place before August 2019 you will receive a 15% discount, please mention the code FRESH2019.

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