Developing a consumer brand for Tomatoes - Tomachoc

Developing a consumer brand for Tomatoes - Tomachoc
Tomachoc - a new brand for brown tomatoes from Top Seeds International

Tomachoc is a new consumer brand for brown tomatoes and when creating it’s brand storytelling we combined

  1. Trends as “adventurous eating/taste” with health (benefits), authenticity (anchestor tomatoes) & sustainability (carton pack designs) with
  2. Consumer insights (consumer think brown is a strange color for tomatoes) together with nutrition/expert advice on health & nutritional claims in Food
  3. A new Look & Feel : on trend, clean and youthful!

Check out the young, fresh and upbeat Tomachoc brand video we created for the brand!

Next to the brand video, we have developed the brand landing page and are managing social media channels as LinkedIn and Instagram to engage with customers and consumers

Tomachoc - Get the Choc you were looking for!

Who was involved

Elena Ozeritskaya - Art Directing & Consumer Insight / Focus Groups

Sherry Kalpoe - Graphic Design & Social

Frank de Hek - Webdesign & Social

Maurice Vlot - Video

Tanse Guth - Sensory expert panel

Landing page design for Tomachoc

Contact about this case

Elena Ozeritskaya

Founder & Creative Director