Where Fresh Insight drives change

Historically, food innovations came from techonology and breeding efforts. All new products were pushed on the market hoping to succeed and brands were build around one product or even a specific variety.

Time is changing and at Fresh Insight we believe brands should be designed around values and purpose and innovation should come from consumer trends and insights.

We help companies in the food industry to find “winning insights” and transform them into meaningful concepts, brands and designs focussing on the cool new generations Y& Z.

The strategic questions our clients ask

“How can we discover consumer trends and insights and develop new, emerging ideas for our company?”

“How can we develop, evaluate and validate a leading brand strategy with a relevant packaging and positioning?”

“We have a new & innovative variety/concept and want to know how to position it on the market and design packaging for it”

“We want to go-to-market with a new innovation and need to define a marketing strategy & develop a campaign for it”