Developing an umbrella brand in Fresh Produce - Ikygai

Developing an umbrella brand in Fresh Produce - Ikygai
Ikygai is a new consumer lifestyle brand for Fresh Produce from the Mitsui group


Top Seeds International, an Israeli seed company and part of the Mitsui group, has an exiting range of new varieties in a number of crops as tomatoes and sweet pepper.

Top Seeds International has asked Fresh Insight to explore new varieties as Yuka, Umami and Ai with consumers and define a branding strategy moving forward

What we did

We started with conducting consumer focus groups and sensory panels in NL. The consumer insights from these sessions has helped us define a value proposition/story around each variety with a clear and catchy taste description.

Next to that we explored branding and packaging routes in the focus groups and “Ikygai” came out as the winning brand as it’s purpose driven what consumers very much appreciate and it is based around interesting values instead of just around the crop and it’s benefits - what you see mostly in the market.

For the Ikygai brand we have developed the brand story “ Ikygai - Food with Purpose ” with packaging designs

We also developed communication materials as the brand video and the experience booklet

In terms of Digital we have designed and are maintaining the landing page, the Instapage and LinkedIn page, combining engaging content with catchy ad campaigns to create brand awareness at B2C and B2B level

We have developed and send out experience kits to key retailers in Europe and have supported the Ikygai experience event at Fruit Logistica 2020


We have helped Top Seeds develop and launch a new consumer brand “Ikygai” into the market creating awareness at consumer level next to category manager level at retail in Europe in the “Go to Market phase”

Who was involved

Elena Ozeritskaya - Art Directing & Consumer Insight / Focus Groups

Monique Klaare - Graphic Design , Photography & Video

Rachelle Meyer - Illustration

Sherry Kalpoe - Graphic Design & Social

Donna Lugassy - Graphic Design & Social

Frank de Hek - Webdesign & Social

Tanse Guth - Sensory expert panel

Miyeon Shin - Brand ambassador, Recipes & Video

Boy Hiestand - Sales/Category manager Retail campaign

Contact about this case

Elena Ozeritskaya

Founder & Creative Director