Design Thinking in fresh produce in co-creation with consumers

Design Thinking in fresh produce in co-creation with consumers
Potted Herbs - Rocket Farms USA


Rocket Farms, the largest grower of indoor flowers, fresh cut herbs and potted edibles in the US was looking to experience co-creation with consumers and wanted to understand the impact of it.

What we did

We organized a one day co-creation workshop with a multidisciplinary team from Rocket Farms together with affluent Gen Y consumers and a graphic designer/sketcher going through Consumer Trends and co-creating new concepts for potted herbs


Rocket Farms got great insights into their business with concepts that are now marketed, one of them is called “Its not Rocket Science” a campaign to coach people buying potted herbs as during the workshop Rocket Farms learned about the painpoints consumers have when buying, keeping and using potted herbs (alive) in their homes Rocket Farms continues the journey with consumer co-creation due to the impact and value it brings, not only creating valuable concepts but also educating and changing people’s mindsets in the company

Contact about this case

Elena Ozeritskaya

Founder & Creative Director