Creating usage & flavor storytelling in fresh produce

Creating usage & flavor storytelling in fresh produce
Creating cool, new flavor descriptions for Fresh Produce - Multiple clients

Flavor storytelling is becoming more and more important when introducing a new product concept or variety. What is different about for example this new sweet pepper or tomato compared to what’s on the market.

At Fresh Insight we deep dive into taste storytelling with vinologists, our expert panel and affluent consumers.

Combining creative people with professional tasters gives us the perfect mix in describing FLAVOR in rich consumer language that will stands out on your packaging and shelf

Fresh Insight develops Flavor wheels for various fresh product categories in order to use as stimulus materials during flavor discussions with vinologists, expert and consumers

At Fresh Insight we have a trained expert panel with over 10 years of tasting experience helping us profile new varieties and they are also part of the Flavor Story project team.

Flavor Stories are interesting for product categories as potatoes, mushrooms and salads to name a few…

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