Developing meaningful value propositions for new fresh produce varieties

Developing meaningful value propositions for new fresh produce varieties
For new products and varieties - Multiple clients


Various client approah us with new varieties of fresh produce like tomatoes, sweet peppers, melons, strawberries etc. with the question “How does this product distinguish itself from competition and what can be the storytelling for this new product”

What we did

Our approach is to do 3 activities:

  • Graphic designs to support value proposition: brand/pack/product storytelling & design

First we design concept sketches for product storytelling/branding and packaging based on consumer trends and insights exploring the question “does the customer want to launch a new brand or a product storytelling?”

  • Consumer cocreation focus group

We conduct a focus group with affluent consumers to explore new types (and compare with standards on the market) and discuss how they can be positioned on the market with feedback to graphic designs.

  • Sensory panel test

We run sensory work with trained panellist to develop taste profiles and stories and show the difference in taste compared to standard varieties on the market.

From the focus group and sensory work sketches for brand/product storytelling and packaging will be finilzed and the vallue proposition is ready to go to market.


A Meaningful Value Proposition cocreated with consumers!

Below design is an example design

Contact about this case

Elena Ozeritskaya

Founder & Creative Director