Develop meaningful value propositions for new varieties

Develop meaningful value propositions for new varieties
Tomatech Israel


Tomatech, an innovative grower from Israel is developping interesting new Tomato varieties and wants to understand the consumer perception and how to position them on the market

What we did

We conducted a focus group with affluent consumers to explore new types (and compare with standards on the market) and discuss how they can be positioned on the market. Next to a focus group also sensory work with trained panellist took place to develop taste profiles and show the difference in taste compared to standard varieties on the market. From the focus group sketches for branding and packaging were created based on the outcomes and insights

Co creation

Co creation Co creation


Meaningful value propositions coming from the focus group and insights on taste profiling coming from sensory work. The outcomes were used to develop packaging, storytelling and branding together with partners.

Who worked on this case

Elena Ozeritskaya

Founder & Strategist